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MP Cooling Ltd is a provider of commercial and domestic heat pump installation in London. Our technicians, with their years of experience, have the knowledge to deliver a premier solution for the unique requirements and usage of your building. Whether it’s a ground source heat pump, an air source, or a geothermal heat pump – our experts will know and recommend the best solution for you.

As well as heat pump system installation in London, MP Cooling also provides a heat pump repair service on the same of units, and more, mentioned above. With customers on our roster that have been with us for years, and enjoy our frequent and diligent maintenance and cleaning, you can be sure that MP Cooling Ltd provides the elite service we’re renowned for.

What Makes our Air Source Heat Pump & Ground Source Heat Pump System London unique ?

Heat Pumps That Deliver

When it comes to air source heat pumps in London, our unique customer service and trusted guarantees make MP Cooling the company to trust. Using high quality heat pump systems in London, whatever the size or scale of our project, ensures that we deliver geothermal heating that London residents trust.

Geothermal Heating Across London

Heat pump installation in London is big business, so choosing the right team for your geothermal heating is an important decision. Our portfolio of ground source heat pump work across London showcases our expertise, as well as our commitment to delivering results that our clients love, at cost effective prices

Unique Service, Guaranteed Value

Finding the right heat pump service company in London just got easier. Our renowned customer service makes us one of the leading heat pump installation, heat pump repair, and heat pump service companies in London. With industry leading standards, you can leave your geothermal heating needs in London to us.

How does Air Source Heat Pumps London work?

Air source heat pumps in London properties are installed inside, with the heat pump designed to capture the outside heat before releasing it inside the home. A heat pump system consumes electricity during operation, but is ultimately efficient in comparison to other systems.

As needed, based on the time of year, a heat pump in your London property can both heat up and cool down your inside spaces, like a fridge in reverse, if you will. In cooler months, a heat pump system in your London premises will make outside air colder, extracting latent heat before delivering it into the home, and reversed in summer, as the heat pump keeps the home cool.

Through the use of a refrigerant liquid, the air source heat pumps we use in London capture heat from the air, sending it into a compressor which increases the temperature, before the hotter fluid transfers the captive heat to heating and hot water systems throughout the property. That’s the joy of an efficient heat pump system in London.


A Heat Pump London cycle works as follows:

  • Refrigerant liquid goes through the outdoor circuit at low temperatures, low enough to ensure the liquid is heated by residual heat outdoors to the point that it boils and turns into a gas
  • The refrigerant liquid goes through the outdoor circuit at a very low temperature. So low, in fact, that the liquid is heated by residual heat outdoors to the point that it boils and turns into a gas.
  • As the gas moves over into the indoor coils past the pressure valve, it cools down and becomes a liquid again.
  • As the gas cools back down into a liquid, it releases the heat it built up in the previous steps.
  • Using a heat pump system in your London property ensures that liquid moves back out to the outdoor coil and the process starts again

Is an Air Source Heat Pump in London suitable for me?

At MP Cooling, we are often asked if an air source heat pump in London properties is the right answer or solution, which is where we ask a few questions of our own to arrive at an answer:

Do you have somewhere to put the air source heat pump at your London property? Our customers need to know that they require a place outside your home where a heat pump unit can be fitted to a wall or placed on the ground. All air source heat pumps in London require  plenty of space around it to get a good flow of air.

What type of heating system will you be using? When fitting a heat pump for London clients, we tell that that air source heat pumps perform extremely well with underfloor heating systems or warm air heating due to their low operational temperatures.  Homes without an existing central heating system will require one to be installed for an air source heat pump to work efficiently in their London property.

Is your home well insulated? The air source heat pumps we fit in London homes always work best when producing heat at a lower temperature than traditional boilers. For this reason, before we start a heat pump system installation in any London property, it’s important the home is well insulated and draught-proofed, ensuring minimal  heat-loss around the home.

What fuel will you be replacing? With each of our heat pump jobs in London, we advise that your heat pump system is more likely to pay for itself if it’s replacing an expensive system, such as electric heating. You’re unlikely to save much on your heating bill if you’re switching from mains gas, another issue we discuss with air source heat pump clients in London.

Different Heat Pumps London

When it comes to installing a heat pump system in London, it’s all about creating optimum efficiency using the most appropriate heat pump technology. One of the heat pump options we discuss with London property owners is fitting a hybrid heat pump, where a heat pump and a  conventional gas or oil boiler work in tandem.

With these heat pump systems, London customers will see that, mostly, the heat pump provides all their heating needs with the gas or oil boiler switched off. Sometimes, however,  when the heat pump in their London premises is not able to provide enough heat independent from other sources. e.g. if when the outdoor temperature is very low and your heating demand is high, the fossil fuel boiler also starts working.

With any of our air source heat pump or heat pump system installations in London, a system can either be set up so that the heat pump then switches off, (allowing the boiler to provide all your heat), or set for both systems to run simultaneously based on the cost-effectiveness and design of your particular heat pump system.

As air source heat pump experts in London, we also look at the approach of fitting  a high temperature heat pump in your London property, which is like any other heat pump, but designed to work effectively with higher temperature outputs.

Though this heat pump system may not achieve the same efficiency levels as others with a low temp heating circuit, it is a heat pump system that London customers use to provide sufficient heat at a high enough temperature to keep them warm and cosy.

Ground Source Heat Pump & Air Source Heat Pump London Advantages

Buying a heat pump system for your London property is an important choice, so investigating pros and cons is critical. There are many advantages of installing a heat pump in your London premises, a few of which are below to help homeowners.

Lower Running Costs

An air heat pump in your London home can be less expensive to run than systems based on combustion. Energy efficient systems can offer  long term savings on energy, something our heat pump installation teams in London often explain to customers,  and are an environmentally friendly  investment which could  save up to £1,400 per year.

Less Maintenance

Installing an air source heat pump in London properties translates to less maintenance than is needed for combustion heating systems. Around once a year, certain system elements must be checked, which could be easily done by the homeowner, where a professional hea[ pump installation professional in London would have to check every three or five years.


When it comes to air conditioning and heat pump systems in London properties, the advantages are multiple. From saving on energy costs to having reliable heat and hot water at all times, this ultra safe system delivers cost and safety benefits that homeowners love, making them increasingly popular in London and beyond.

Carbon Emissions

When you install a ground source heat pump in London, your carbon emissions are reduced, providing an efficient conversion rate of energy to heat. For example, water source heat pumps reach reasonably high efficiencies, close to 600 per cent.

Provides Cooling

When the warmer weather hits, an air source heat pump in your London home is capable of reversing the process, essentially turning it into something of an air conditioning unit. Air to air heat pumps in London properties can conveniently be switched to cooling mode during the summers.

Longer Life-Span

When it comes to life spans, an air source heat pump for London customers can offer a great advantage, with a considerable and impressive average life span of around 14-15 years (though it can be longer). Reliable, steady, and energy efficient, getting an air source heat pump in your London home really does offer advantages.

Heat Pumps London Installation with MP Cooling Air Source Heat Pump Company

Finding the Right Heat Pump Installer

If you’re looking for an air source heat pump in London, use our database for a list of installers close to your postcode. For all heat pump projects in London, we recommend you get at least three quotes for the work, and ensure that the company doing your heat pump system work in London is experienced, and make sure you know the technology beforehand. MP Cooling is a trusted team when it comes to commercial and domestic heat pump installation in London. We have a team of talented technicians, with their years of experience, with all our heat pump installation work in London guaranteeing premier solutions for each individual building requirement. From a ground source heat pump to an air source heat pump, London customers get the value of our experts’ knowledge guaranteeing the best solution for you.

heat pump air and water in the boiler room

Boiler system and laundry in a basement interior

Air Source Heat Pump Installation

When it comes to air source heat pumps installation work in London, the options are mounted onto a wall or positioned on the ground. With all heat pumps in London, you need a suitable place to situate the main unit, preferably in a sheltered place. Each of our air source heat pump projects in London involve an outdoor section and an indoor section, each requiring good space. Once both units are fitted onto their mountings, refrigerant and drain hose pipes are connected and then insulated. With this heat pump option at your London property, the entire system can then be connected to your indoor heating system such as the boiler or radiators.

Low cost and energy efficient solution to heat your pool with MP COOLING heat pump in London

Getting a ground source heat pump in London is a great thing to do. Using this kind of heat pump for a swimming pool heating system, for example, is one of the most cost effective methods for heating your pool, as a heat pump system can deliver substantially reduced running costs.

Swimming pool heat pumps do not generate heat directly. With this kind of ground source heat pump, London customers will also see that they use a small amount of electricity to capture heat in the air and move it efficiently into the water in your swimming pool, a great system.

With a ground source heat pump, London properties enjoy a high efficiency swimming pool heating system that uses scroll compressors, compared to standard heat pump units which use reciprocal compressors.

heated pool

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