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MP Cooling Ltd is a provider of photovoltaic panel installation services in London. With years of experience in the sector, our technicians have seen everything that the challenging urban landscape of London can muster.

We’re purveyors of all types of modern photovoltaic panels and can offer you advice on the best solution for your specific needs. With grid-tied, grid-hybrid, and off-grid photovoltaic panels all part of our repertoire, we’re sure that we can provide the right system for your building and its standard usage rate.

Have an existing photovoltaic energy installation? We can service your PV panels with the general maintenance and reparations they require.

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Solar Saves Money

Better known as solar electricity panels, installing photovoltaic panels in London are popular as ever. Good for the environment, good for your budget, the number of photovoltaic panels on London properties continues to grow. At MP Cooling, we offer photovoltaic panels for London homes, tailor made solutions for your requirements.

Bespoke Solutions for All Homes

When you choose MP Cooling to install your photovoltaic panels in London, you get our industry leading guarantee of great results. From helping the environment to keeping your energy bills lower, our unique consultations will help you choose your photovoltaic system that both suits as well as serves your needs.

Environmentally Friendly Energy Solutions

Across London, homeowners are creating environmentally friendly solutions with photovoltaic systems that make their homes more energy efficient. At MP Cooling, we offer a unique blend of experience and knowledge, ensuring that we only install photovoltaic systems that maximise the sun’s energy and convert it into power for your home.

Ground and Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic panels London technology harnesses light energy from the sun and transforms it into electrical energy that is used as an energy source for your business. The energy is renewable and reliable and the process is completely, environmentally friendly.

Photovoltaic London systems can be placed on the ground or on the roof of your business, depending upon your requirements.

If your roof space is limited then MP Cooling can install ground mounted photovoltaic panels at any location, facing any direction, in order to absorb maximum sunlight.The panels can be easily added to or removed depending on your future requirements.

solar panels on the roof of a house
ground mounted photovoltaic power station at sunset
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MPCooling Ltd is a premier air conditioning company in London. Our engineers provide both domestic and commercial properties across the capital with air conditioning installation and maintenance services. With years of experience, working specifically in London, MP Cooling is the #1 choice for your air conditioning needs.

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