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The Highest Quality Commercial Fridge Repair London & other Refrigeration Services

MP Cooling offers a premier service for refrigerator repair across the capital city in both the domestic and commercial sectors.
Whether you’re looking for repair, general servicing or installation, we have technicians on-call.

Commercial Fridge Repair London

MP Cooling is a market-leader among commercial refrigeration companies in London. Combined, we have decades of experience in the areas of refrigeration maintenance, installation, and repairs. This experience has seen us forge a level of skill and professionalism that is unrivaled among our competitors.

At MP Cooling, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service for our customers. This means that we aim to complete our commercial London refrigeration projects on-time and on-budget. All done with a smile.



Commercial Scale Refrigerators London

Run a restaurant, hotel or other business and have a large-scale commercial walk-in refrigerator? At MP Cooling, we’re very familiar with the needs for this type of refrigeration and are adept at providing the solution for the unique challenges that come with such machines.

If you’re a food production factory with specialist walk-in refrigerator maintenance, repair, and installation requirements, please contact one of our engineers now.

Commercial refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes and, therefore, have a variety of different purposes. Chances are, we have the experience to serve you and your refrigeration needs. Our technicians will be able to diagnose the issue and the best course of action – or point you in the direction of the help you require.

Domestic Fridge Freezer Repair London

As well as conducting the fridge freezer repair of units in commercial kitchens, we’re also versed in fridge repair for domestic households. Our technicians serve London and the surrounding areas. Whatever the issues you’re having with your fridge, we’ve probably seen it all before – and have the solution on-hand.


What Makes our Fridge Repair & Refrigeration Service in London unique ?

MP Cooling Refrigeration Service

When it comes to fridge repair in London, MP Cooling offers all the services you will need. From keeping industrial London refrigeration units running efficiently, to fridge freezer repair in London’s hospitality premises, our range of refrigeration services keep London cool and give peace of mind to all our customers.

Fridge Freezer Repair Reliability

For all our fridge repair, and fridge freezer repair clients in London, the reliability of our service is something they soon come to expect and trust. With a wide variety of refrigeration services needed in London, and with fridge freezer repair being so important, we pride ourselves on our reliability.

Repair and Restore

From the moment our customer service talks with you, we will work towards the right fridge freezer repair for your needs, and the best refrigeration services for your London premises.
Offering refrigeration maintenance across London, our freezer repair services are reliable affordable, and guaranteed to get your fridge repair done.

London Refrigeration Maintenance & Repair Services
served by MP Cooling Refrigeration Company


For businesses in London, refrigeration is a critical part of what they need and provide, which is why fridge repair issues in London are linked to ongoing maintenance, which can help allay the need for such repairs. Before any fridge repair in London, it is essential that people get regular and ongoing maintenance to ensure optimum performance and reliability, as well as durability for their systems and units.

Our refrigerator repair teams in London are on hand to offer bespoke, tailor made maintenance plans which are both reliable and cost effective for businesses. Put simply, ongoing maintenance and mean fewer breakdowns and lower overall fridge repair costs for London customers. We have years of industry experience in fridge and fridge freezer repair for London customers and businesses, and our London based teams offer ongoing maintenance to help avoid costly repairs. This will also ensure your London refrigeration units last longer and help avoid costly replacements in too short a time.

Flexible to customer requirements, cost effective, and available to both commercial and industrial clients including pubs, retail, education centres, medical facilities, marine based companies and more, our London refrigeration maintenance services are trusted and reliable. Contact us today for all your London refrigeration needs.

Symptoms of Ailing Fridge Freezers Dedicated to Fridge Repair London

At MP Cooling, our fridge repair team in London can quickly spot key indicators, such as strange noises, to identify refrigeration issues. When a quiet hum becomes a louder swishing or whirring sound, you may need commercial fridge repair at your London location.

Our refrigeration repair team in London advises that If you hear unusual sounds from the freezer, or see any warning lights showing, then it may well be time to call MP Cooling for some professional fridge freezer repair work.

For many of our fringe freezer repair jobs in London, we find a large ice build-up in the freezer, or on the back wall of the fridge or on the door hinges, for others, leakages can be the issue. Either way, our fridge repair team in London will identify and fix things.

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